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Greenlawn Memorial Gardens
Burial Options
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We have a variety of lovely settings and a range of burial options including ground burial, cremation niches, and lawn crypts available at Greenlawn Memorial Gardens. Any of the burial options can be purchased as needed, or more ideally, as part of our Pre-Need Program.

Ground Burial


A space for ground burial can vary in size from an individual space to a family, church or private estate. A family estate is traditionally set apart from other plots, creating a distinctive setting for future generations to visit. Individual, companion and family plots are available throughout Greenlawn Memorial Gardens.


Cremation is not an end in itself, but merely one means of preparing a body for burial and memorialization. At Greenlawn Memorial Gardens, we offer a range of options for those who choose cremation, including placing the remains in a memorial urn within a mausoleum or wall niche and burial in a ground burial space. We also offer options to consider when one person chooses cremation and the other does not.

Lawn crypts

Lawn crypts (concrete and steel outer containers pre-set in the ground) are the perfect compromise between ground burial and mausoleums, allowing you to combine the beauty of nature with the mausoleum environment. Essentially, lawn crypt interment is a one- or two-level mausoleum in the ground. Although individual lawn crypts are available, they are frequently double-depth in order to accommodate both husband and wife.